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Monday, August 3, 2009

Well, on the 7th of July, David (my son) came over to check on me and found me laying in my doorway with my head partway thru the screeen door and unconcious. he called 911 and started trying to wake me up. I did come to briefly, to hear him asking me to please wake up and didn't know any more til sometime in the ER. altogether I was in the hospital about 12 days without them ever figuring out why. But I do have a pacemaker now and am on 5 more different medications.....They did a sleep study last night and I'm still scheduled for more tests....Haven't been able to get started with felting yet, I'm kind of in a stalemate i think. Between the way I feel and no sales it doesn't seem very enthusing (I'm also finding myself searching for the right words quite often). Had one of my sisters bring over a project I'd been working on for her so maybe I could finish it and find the starting place I need.
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